ATT (Add an Item Attribute)

This record type provides a means of filling in the array of Item Attribute structures (one element at a time) the program maintains internally, for providing as an argument to the PRT Application Interface functions invoked by the STT, ADD, INS, and MAT record types.

The Item Attribute structure is:

        typedef struct


          char att_name[17];

          char att_value[17];

        } PRT_ITEM_ATT;

The fields in this record are:



char record_type[3]


char att_name[17]

Attribute name

char att_value[17]

Attribute value

The array of PRT_ITEM_ATT structures has PRT_NUM_ATTRIBUTES elements. This is the maximum number of ATT records that can appear in the Import file without an intervening STT, ADD, INS, or MAT record (which sends whatever Item Attribute data is currently in the array and then clears it out for the next Import command (API call) that uses it). More than PRT_NUM_ATTRIBUTES ATT records without any intervening STT, ADD, INS, or MAT records will result in an error being reported to the user.

More information

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