INS (Insert an Item to be Tracked)

This command provides a mechanism for inserting an Item into the Tracking Region queue. If an Item is to be inserted into the queue at a particular location (other than at the head or tail of the queue), the region location of the Item it is to be inserted ahead of is specified (i.e. specifying 'region_loc = 1', is equivalent to specifying 'region_loc = FIRST'). Defined constants are provided to indicate that the item is to be added either at the head or at the tail of the queue. The region location can be specified as FIRST (or also as EXIT) to insert the Item as the first (head) Item in the queue (i.e. this Item will be the next Item to transition out of the queue). LAST and ENTRY are provided to insert the Item as the last Item at the tail of the queue, BEHIND all other Items.

The fields in this record are:



char record_type[3]


COR_BOOLEAN ext_proc_flag

If TRUE, get all info from ext process for serialized item

char region_id[17]

Region where the item is to be added to the queue or production start is to begin

COR_I2 region_loc

Location of the Item that the inserted item is to be inserted in front of (nearer to exiting the queue).

char item_id[21]

Unique identifier of a serialized item

char reference_id[21]

secondary identifier of a serialized item

char item_type_id[17]

Item type identifier

char parent_item_id[21]

associated serialized item identifier

COR_U4 item_status

Item status

COR_BOOLEAN ext_hold_active

If TRUE, item held due to external hold.

char group_id[17]

Identifier of the Tracking Group providing the reason for the hold.

COR_BOOLEAN int_hold_active

If TRUE, item held due internal hold.

char int_hold_reason[41]

Comment specifying reason for internal hold.

char comment[41]

Comment to be recorded in prt history log file.

char user_or_svc_id[33]

User or service identifier

If no Item Attribute information is to be specified for this Item, the INS record need not be preceded by any ATT records (for filling in elements within the Item Attribute array). To specify Item Attribute information, see the description of the ATT record type.

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