MOV (Move an Item from a Source to a Destination Region)

The Application Interface call for this record type provides a mechanism to move an Item from the Tracking Region where it currently resides to a new Tracking Region. It also permits the movement of an individual Item from one location to another within the same Tracking Region.

The fields in this record are:



char record_type[3]


char src_region_id[17]

Region the item is moving out of

char dest_region_id[17]

Region the Item is moving into

COR_I2 src_region_loc

Sequence number of the item in the source tracking region

COR_I2 dest_region_loc

Sequence number of the item in the destination tracking region

COR_BOOLEAN dest_insert_flag

If TRUE, the moved Item is inserted in the destination Tracking Region queue ahead of the Item located at the specified destination region location.

char item_id[21]

Unique identifier of a Serialized Item

char reference_id[21]

secondary identifier of a Serialized Item

char item_type_id[17]

Item type identifier

char comment[41]

Comment to be recorded in PRT history log file

char user_or_svc_id[33]

User or service identifier

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