Production Tracking Global Section Usage

PRT global sections are:

Created by the Data Collector process for each PRT service

Mapped onto by the corresponding Data Server Process.

The backing files are located in %SITE_ROOT%\LOG.

The following types of sections are created:

<GROUPS>.<PRT Service Name>

This file is used to maintain Group hold status information.

<ITEM_XREF0>.<PRT Service Name>

This file is used to maintain cross- reference information about serialized items to allow fast access to items.

<REGION ID>0.<PRT Service Name>

This file is used to maintain item information within a particular region (there may be many of this section type per PRT service).


<PRT Service Name> is the service name of the Data Collector process and

<REGION ID> is a configured region identifier for this service.

It is not necessary to manually delete any of these global sections, since data integrity will then become uncertain. The exception is if changes are made to any of the following configuration files:





Global memory corruption may occur if changes are made to this configuration data and new backing files are not created when PRT is rebooted.

In order for Production Tracking to eliminate the corruption you must perform the following procedure.

  1. Terminate both the PRT data collector and server.

  2. Delete the appropriate region files.

  3. Restart the PRT data collector. This ensures that the cross-reference file will be deleted then reconstructed.

  4. Restart the PRT server.

When you have performed this procedure, at startup, Production Tracking.

  1. Deletes the cross-reference file, ITEM_XREF0.<PRT Service Name>, then

  2. Reconstructs it based on the contents of the region files that are available.

This allows the system manager to eliminate the contents of certain regions without affecting the other regions in the service, or performing an "export-edit-import" function.

 Note: The regions are pre-allocated to a configuration-based size. If items are to be added to a region that is full, the contents of the head location are moved to the full region's detainment region. If the full region is a detainment region, or there is no detainment region configured for the full region, the contents of the head location are deleted.

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