Program Elements: Production Tracking Import Program

The Production Tracking Import Program interprets a file to determine the commands to issue. It also provides information about the results of the commands issued.

Process Registration

Initialization of the Production Tracking Application Interface

Determination of the name of the Import data file to be used. The name of the input file is specified on the command line, (for example, prt_import<filename>). The input file is assumed to have .prtm as a filename extension. If a filename is not specified on the command line, the program prompts for it.

Opening of the Import data file

Reading of Import file records

Parsing of Import file records to determine applicable PRT Application Interface routine to call

Further parsing of Import file record to obtain the arguments to be included to the PRT Application Interface call

Call to appropriate PRT Application Interface routine

Reporting of any errors returned by the Application Interface.

Termination of the Application Interface

Reporting of "command" totals for each type of command, total records processed, etc.

More information

Production Tracking Import Program: PRT_IMPORT.