The PRT Attribute Labels (prt_attributes.cfg) configuration file is used to assign attributes to your items. Attributes can be assigned to all item types or can be assigned to a specific item class.

When assigning attributes to an item class, use the keyword ITEMCLASS.

For each PRT Service that you have designated in your Tracking Model, you will need a separate configuration file named for the Service.


Note: This file is recommended in order to gather comprehensive data on the items tracked through production.

  1. Open a prt_attributes.cfg file as follows.

  1. Select Tools>Command prompt on the Workbench menu bar to open the Command prompt window.

  2. Type cd master.

  3. Press Enter.

  4. Type notepad prt_attributes.cfg.

(notepad represents the text editor.)

A prt_attributes.cfg file opens in the text editor.

The following lines are filled in:

Line 1

| - *

Line 2


Line 3

List all attribute names in a single record (separated by a *|*)

Line 4


  1. Define an item class beginning with Line 5, as follows:

Line 5

ITEMCLASS|Item Class Name


ITEMCLASS is the keyword

Class Name is the name of the item class

Line 6

Attribute, Attribute Name|Attribute, Attribute Name| Attribute, Attribute Name|...


Attribute is the keyword, e.g. Color

Attribute Name is the selected attribute, e.g. white

Be sure to use the delimiter character to separate attributes.

Line 7 and 8+

Repeat lines 5 and 6 until you have entered all of the attributes for all of the involved item classes.

3.   Click File on the menu bar once you have assigned attributes for your items and proceed as follows:



Select Save

The prt_ui is configured to view all PRT Services.

Select Save As

The prt_ui is configured to view a specific service


  1. A. Enter aprt_window.cfg in the File Name field,


aprt is the name of the PRT Service

  1. B. Click Save.


All items will have these attributes.


Keyword ITEMCLASS assigns attributes to the named item class.


Attributes apply to the WSHR ITEM CLASS only.

  1. Close the text editor.

More information

PRT Configuration file definitions.