PRT_ROUTE (Type 6) Configuration Example

A user can create an $UNKNOWN item type and enter items of this type in the source region.

If the user changes the transition point id to an integer value of the item type that should be moved, Tracker searches for an item with an $UNKNOWN type in the Route's source region.

If an $UNKOWN item type is:


The item_type_is of the item is changed to the matching one in the prt_type_trn.idt file.

Not found

An item, which is the type that the user entered,  is created in the destination region.

Note: An $UNKNOWN item type is non-serialized.

File examples




|-* IDT file generated by IDTPOP utility v1.0

* RECORD: PRT_ROUTE Production Tracking Route


*   0 orig_region_id                 ID of region item exits

*   1 dest_region_id                 ID of region item enters

*   2 item_type_id                   ID of type traveling between regions

*   3 transition_ptid                ID of transition point between regions

*   4 set_ptid                       ID of point to be set on transition

*   5 translation_id                 ID to interp type trans indicator

*   6 transition_type_code           transition indicator type code (1-8)

*   7 process_first_ptchange         Should we process the first point change



* XLATE Above is the translation ID that will match a record in prt_type_trn.idt

* The transition_ptid must be an integer. When the user enters this value it must match one of the input codes in the prt_type_trn.idt file


|-* IDT file generated by IDTPOP utility v1.0

* RECORD: PRT_TYPE_TRN Prod. Tracking Item Type Translation


*   0 TRANSLATION_ID                 Item Type Translation Id

*   1 input_code                     Code sent by Item type detection equip.

*   2 item_type_id                   Item Type ID for type detected




   * There can be several records in this file


|-* IDT file generated by IDTPOP utility v1.0

* RECORD: PRT_ITEM_TYP Production Tracking Item Type


*   0 ITEM_TYPE_ID                     Unique ID for Item Type

*   1 item_type_code                   Unique code for Item Type used by PRT

*   2 item_type_desc                   Item Type Description

*   3 item_tracking_type               Tracking type code (1=ser, 2=nonser)

*   4 item_class_id                    Item Class Identifier





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