PRT Client Startup: prtclnt_route.cfg

The layout of prtclnt_route.cfg that is shown here is the same as in the existing configuration files.

|-* IDT file generated by IDTPOP utility v1.0

* RECORD: PRT_ROUTE Production Tracking Route


* 0 orig_region_id          ID of region item exits

* 1 dest_region_id          ID of region item enters

* 2 item_type_id            ID of type traveling between regions

* 3 transition_ptid         ID of transition point between regions

* 4 set_ptid                ID of point to be set on transition

* 5 translation_id          ID to interp type trans indicator

* 6 transition_type_code    transition indicator type code (1-8)

* 7 process_first_ptchange  Should we process the first point change










More information

3. Startup configuration for PRT client.