PRT Configuration File Reserved Characters

The first line in the .idt file must define three reserved characters. All other characters in the line are ignored. You may select characters other than the ones used here; however, avoid using characters that will be used in the data fields.

The first character defines the delimiter. This character will be used to separate fields in the record. In the example below, the vertical bar ( | ) is used for a delimiter.

The second character is used to show a continuationof a record. When a record exceeds the length of one line, this character is used to append the next line to the record. In the example below, the hyphen ( - ) is used for a continuation character.

The third character identifies the comment character. When the comment character is used before text, it is not recognized as part of the record, but rather additional information for the user. In the example below, the asterisk ( * ) is used for a comment character.


Reserved characters generated by IDTPOP the utility.


Text is comment only; not part of the record.


Separates the fields.


Continuation of the record; appends the next line to the record.

More information

Observe configuration file reserved characters and restrictions.