PRT Global Verifier: prt_glb_vfy.exe

prt_glb_vfy.exe is a utility that validates the integrity of the global sections for a given Production Tracking service.

prt_glb_vfy.exe is located in %BSM_ROOT%\exe.

The utility requires three inputs from the user:

  1. The service name of the PRT data collector that manages the global sections of interest.

  2. A value that indicates the type of verification.


Analyzes the global sections


Attempts repairs.

  1. The name of a file in which to deposit the output.

The program:

Is run from the command line as a utility.

Requires that the corresponding PRT data collector and data server be terminated to prevent erroneous messages due to the global section changing during the verification.

Maps onto the global sections, which means that it must be run on the node where the global section backing files exist.

More information

PRT Global Verifier: Validations and repairs.

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