Run the Export Program

  1. Open the project in the Workbench.

  2. Make sure the project is running.

  3. Open a Command window.

  4. Type the following command.

notepad prtexp.prtx


notepad is the text editor

prtexp.prtx is the name of the file you create.


You can:

Give the file any name. However, you must give it a .prtx extension.

Open the Command window from a command prompt. If you do, make sure you copy the export file into the execution path.

A message box will open asking if you want to create a new file.

  1. Click Yes.

  2. Enter one or more commands in the file.

Note: If the file is empty you will receive an error message when you try to run it.

  1. Enter the following command to run the program:

PRT_EXPORT <filename>.PRTX <prt_system> <prt_node>


<filename>.PRTX is an input file that specified what is to be dumped to the export file

<prt_system> is the prefix of the PRT data server you wish to export from. Specify ALL if all data servers should be connected.

<prt_node> is the node where the PRT servers are running. Specify LOCAL if they are on the same node.

If you do not specify any of the parameters on the command line, you will be prompted.

Example Input File







The program will create an output file named <filename>.PRTM


<filename> is the same as that of the input file.

A sample output file is provided in the section Running the Import Program.

More information

Production Tracking Export Program: PRT_EXPORT.