Step 1. Modify Five Files in the Project's Master Directory

  1. Open the project in the Workbench.

  2. Select Tools>Command prompt on the Workbench menu bar.

The Command window opens in the project's root directory.

  1. Type cd master

  2. Press Enter.

The Command prompt is the project's Master sub-directory.

  1. Modify the following five master files.

Step 1.1

Add prtcnt to physproc.idt.

Step 1.2

Add prtcnt to logproc.idt.

Step 1.3

Add prtcnt to node_logproc.idt.

Step 1.4

Add prtcnt to service.idt.

Step 1.5

Add prtcnt to prt_intproc.

Step 1.6

Add prtcnt to master.mcp.

More information

Count items (prtcnt.exe).