Step 7. Run the PRT Interested Process Utility

Once all of the appropriate files have been configured, you can run the prt_inttest.exe and view the output in a Command window.

  1. (If running) stop your project in the Workbench.

  2. Click on the Workbench toolbar to perform a Configuration Update.

  3. Click on the Workbench toolbar to start your project

  4. Click Tools on the menu bar.

  5. Select Command Prompt

The Command window opens.

  1. Type Set PRCNAM=PRT_INT on the command line.


PRT_INT is the process ID used in your configuration files.

  1. Press Enter.

  2. Type PRT_INTTEST.EXE on the command line..

  3. Press Enter.

Result: The interested process messages generated by PRT operations will output in the Command window.

 Important: In order to run the executable file, match the letter case of the arguments on the Command lines.

More information

PRT interested process utility configuration.