Tracker Extended Attributes Configuration (trkattribute.cfg)


Save a copy of this file. If you install a product upgrade you will have to copy the file with your configuration into the ...\Proficy CIMPLICITY\RCO\trkattribute.cfg file.

All projects must point to the same database for storing extended attributes, ranges and criteria sets.

  1. Open ...\Proficy CIMPLICITY\RCO\trkattribute.cfg in a text editor.

The default file, with and explanation of the fields, is as follows.


* Tracker extended attribute configuration


* 1. Attribute storage bitmask.  2 - backing files, 4 - Database.

* 2. Database Server Name

* 3. Database name

* 4. Database Username

* 5. Database Password

* 6. Maximum number of attributes in the backing file


* Example


  1. Enter the correct criteria for your system in the file.

  2. Save and close the file.

Note: If you run more than one project on a server, by default they will all use the same Extended Attribute database.

More information

2. PRT configuration file programs and utilities.