Use the IDTPOP Utility

In order to edit the binary-coded configuration files, they must be converted to a format that can be edited. The IDTPOP Utility enables you to convert the binary code to ASCII format and edit using the text editor of your choice.

  1. Select Tools>Command Prompt on the CIMPLICITY Workbench menu bar.

The Command window opens in the project's directory.

  1. Enter the following.

  1. Type cd master

  2. Press ENTER to switch to the master directory.

  3.  Type idtpop <filename>, e.g. idtpop prt_region.

Important: Do not include the file extension in the filename..

  1. Press ENTER.

Production Tracker process the records in the file and displays the number processed.

  1. Type <text editor> <filename.idt>, e.g. notepad prt_region.idt.

  2. Press ENTER.

Result: The text editor will open with the ASCII-text version of the file displayed.

More information

1. PRT configuration file overview.