Guidelines: Move Items between Projects

When you are connected to multiple projects in the PRT_UI, you can move items between projects. In the PRT_UI the active region is displayed in the viewing window and all of the corresponding information is loaded into the appropriate fields.

You can move an item from the viewing window into another region within another project.

There are, however, some issues to take into consideration.

Item Status

The item status must be identical for items on different projects. The item status is a 32-bit number for all projects; however, if the same bits have different meanings from project to project, problems will arise. Modify the status using the Status Configuration dialog box in the TrackerCfg_UI on all projects to have identical statuses in order to move items effectively.

Item Types

In order to move an item between projects, the item type must be allowed in the region of the project receiving the item. The item class will be as it is configured in the PRT Item Type Configuration dialog box. If the item type is not allowed in the recipient project, a warning message will display the move will be disallowed.

More information

Option 7.3. Move an item.