Option 1.4. Item Cache and Paging Bar

PRT_UI provides:

An attribute cache to enhance the response time speed.

Paging controls to rapidly move through listed items.


Go to Location

Finds the first item in a specified location (for the displayed region).



  1. Enter a location in the Starting Location field.

  2.  Click the Go button.


Paging controls

PRT_UI provides four paging control buttons.



Buttons select items as follows.



First item in the region.



Up one display screen full of items.



Down one display screen full of items.



Last item in the region.


Attribute cache size

Controls the number of items that are fetched from the Trkcollector in each update.



Minimum size











Cache and Paging Guidelines

When automatic updates are disabled, all items are downloaded from the Trkcollector.

There will be a slight delay.

Do not scroll down more then one page using the scroll bar; use the page up or page down buttons instead.

For regions with more than 1000 items, the automatic updates are automatically turned off.

More information

Step 1. Open the PRT_UI.