Option 7.6. Filter by Item Class

You can select the classes that are included in the list of items that displays for selected regions.

The filter remains as you configured it when you change the active region. You must change the configuration, in order to change the filter.

  1. Click Operation on the menu bar.

  2. Select Filter by Item Class....

The Filter by Item Class dialog box opens.

  1. Select the classes, as follows.

Available Item Class box

Check the classes that should be included in the display.

Item Classes

(Read only) Displays the number of item classes that have been configured for the projects.

Display items without a configured class

Check to display items that have not been included in a class

Select All

Displays items in all the classes.

Clear all


Displays only items without a configured class, if the checkbox is checked.

Clears the region display.

  1. Click OK to accept the filter or Cancel to cancel your changes.

More information

Step 7. Manipulate items.