If (Expression)


Conditional function block. This block provides the same functionality as the BCE If…Then…Else statement. The user must provide the conditional expression used in this block. All function blocks between the If (Expression) and the Else or End if Blocks are executed if the expression evaluates to True.

Routing Control has special types of function blocks called "Expression Blocks". Expression Blocks do not show up in Routing Configuration's function block list, but are available to any Conditional Function Block.


This function block has the following parameter:




One or more user specified Conditional Function Blocks.


The user may select as many Expression Blocks as necessary. Each block is combined with an And / Or.

The first Conditional Expression Block selected has a field for "Combine With". This is not used on the first block in a condition, and should be left blank.

 Note: We do not recommend adding more then 3 Conditional Expressions to an If Block.

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