If (Solve Expression)

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Conditional function block with a Query expression

This block provides the same functionality as the BCE If…Then…Else statement and the Conditional If (Expression) function block. The user must provide query conditional expression to be used in this block. All function blocks between the If (Solve Expression) and the Else or End if Blocks are executed if the query expression evaluates to True.


This function block has the following parameter:



Solve Expression

One or more user specified query conditional expressions.

Do one of the following.

Type an existing (valid) query expression.

Click the Query Browse button to open the Query Expression Browser to browser for or create a new expression.

Region ID

ID of the Region that contains the first item to run the query against.

Region Location

Specifies the region location.



For the



First item in the region.



Last item in the region

More information

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