Extended Attribute Counts


Extended Attribute Counts provide extended attribute counts by region. Given arrays of extended attribute names and extended attribute values, count the number of items in the region that have a matching extended attribute name and value. The count for each name/value match is stored in the corresponding element of the Count array. This function block can be run from any output module or routing logic module.


This function block has the following parameter:



Region ID

Region ID of item.

Region Location

Location in region to use. If this value is All, then all items in the region will be dumped and copied.

Attribute Name Array

Name of the array point that stores the names of the extended attributes that will be compared.

Note: The values of corresponding elements in the Attribute Value array are compared with the values for that attribute (if found) of items in the specified location(s) within the source region.

Attribute Value Array

Name of the array point that stores the compare value(s). Each element in the array can contain one or multiple values with a comma separator.

Do not include quotes.


element 0 = 1 ton,3/4 ton

element 1 = K

Attribute Count Array

Array point containing the actual attribute counts.

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