Update Rule Counts (Ext. Attr.)


Update Rule Counts increments the Group Count Array Point and the total release count for the standard and/or extended attributes of the item associated with the source region for the executed decision.

If the value of the routed Item's extended attribute matches a value (from the Attribute Value array point) corresponding to the attribute name (from the Attribute Name array point), the Spacing Count and the Attribute Released Count elements will be incremented by 1.


This function block has the following parameters:



Region ID

Destination region ID for item.

Region Location

Location in region to use. If this value is All, then all items in the region will be dumped and copied.

Item Class Array

Name of the array point that lists the classes of the items that have the corresponding attributes. Leave blank to specify all items of any class present in the region.

Attribute Name Array

Name of the array point that stores the names of the standard and/or extended attributes to be compared.

Note: The values of corresponding elements in the Attribute Value array are compared with the values for that attribute (if found) of the item(s) in the source region.


If the specified Region Location is First, then this function block compares the value of the corresponding element in the Attribute Value Array point to the attribute value of the head item for each source region.

Attribute Value Array

Name of array points that stores the Attribute value(s). Each element can contain one or multiple values with a comma separator. Do not include quotes.


Element 0 = 1 ton,3/4 ton

Element 1 = K


(Grouping and Spacing Rules)

The number of jobs released.


(Grouping and Spacing Rules)

The number of jobs.

Rule Type Array

Type of comparison to be performed.




Eliminate if the count exceeds or equals the Rule.




Eliminate if the count is less then the rule.





Attribute Released Count Array

(Percentage Rule Only)

The actual number of items released with the corresponding attribute value.

Total Released Count

(Percentage Rule)

Integer (analog) point.

Counter point stores and continues to increment the total number of items released.

Note: All the function blocks that deal with extended attributes can be provided INTERNALHOLD text to read the value of an internal hold.

Values are:


Internal Hold is not set.


Internal Hold is set.

However, you cannot use any of the extended attribute function blocks to modify system attributes.

Note: This block can be used in a merge RCO to update counts by examining the item that has been moved to the destination region.

More information

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