Check Process Capability (Ext. Attr.)


Check Process Capability eliminates decisions based on the comparison of the source item's standard or extended attribute and the region's Capability Point Value.


This function block has the following parameters:



Always Evaluate

Hard, Soft or Breakable.

Controls what happens when the extension eliminates all items in the range source.



All items will remain eliminated. Enter a wait state after the logic script has completed.



Roll back any eliminations made by this extension.



Roll back any eliminations made by this extension that have a danger point value of TRUE (non zero).

Routing modules will first use the danger defined for each individual decision.

However, one of the following may occur instead.







No danger point has been configured for the decision.

The site-wide danger point will be used.



This function block is used in the decision output logic.

The site-wide danger point will be used.



No danger point can be found for a decision.

The decision remains eliminated.

Item Class

Items of this class will be compared.

Attribute Name

Name of standard or extended attribute to compare.

Attribute Start Byte

Starting byte of the attribute to be used in the comparison.

Attribute Length

Number of characters in the attribute to compare.

Capability Point Number

The capability point to be used. There are three potential capability points, only one may be specified.


Select either the decision's destination or source region.

Note: All the function blocks that deal with extended attributes can be provided INTERNALHOLD text to read the value of an internal hold.

Values are:


Internal Hold is not set.


Internal Hold is set.

However, you cannot use any of the extended attribute function blocks to modify system attributes.

More information

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