Eliminate Decision Based on Attribute Spacing Pseudo Code

For each array element

  Get attribute name

  Get attribute value

  Get breakable flag

  If attribute name and value are not blank

    For each still possible decision

      Get the items at the decisions head location

      If (number of items at head > 0)

        For each item in head location

           Get the attribute value

            If the attribute was found

             If the attribute values match

               If the spacing count is greater than spacing rule

                 Eliminate the decision

                  If the breakable flag is not set

                   If (all decisions have been eliminated)


                   End if

                  End if

                 End if

            End if

        Next item at head location

    Next valid decision

    If all decisions have been eliminated and breakable flag is set

      Rollback any decisions eliminated by this array offset

    End if

Next element

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Eliminate Decision Based on Attribute Spacing.