Eliminate Decision by Attribute Point


Eliminate Decision by Attribute Point eliminates a decision based on the comparison of an attribute to a point value. If the comparison is true, the decision is eliminated.


This function block has the following parameters:



Decision ID

ID of decision to be eliminated.

Region ID

Region which contains the item to compare.

Region Location

Location of item in the region.

Item Class

Class of item to compare.

Attribute ID

Attribute of first item to compare.

Start Character

Starting character of the attribute to be used.

Attribute Length

Specifies the number of characters in the attribute to compare.

Enter zero in both the Start Character and Attribute Length fields to use all characters.


Type of Comparison - Greater Than, Less Than, Equals.

Comparison Type

Numeric or alphanumeric comparison. If numeric comparison is selected, values are converted to integers before comparison.

Point ID

ID of point whose value is to be compared.

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