TADB Set Attribute

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


TADB Set Attribute sets the value of specified attribute ID in memory (e.g. in the TADB Interface object) and not yet saved in the TADB database.


This function block has the following parameters.



Attribute ID

Attribute ID whose value will  be set into the RCO Variable.

Attribute Value

RCO Variable where the value is to be returned.


  1. When you want to set the value of more than one attribute in the database you need to call the following function blocks in the following order.

Function Block



TADB Initilize

When called TADB Initilize initializes the TADB Root object.


TADB Set Attribute

Call consecutively TADB Set Attribute function blocks for each attribute that belongs to that item type group.


TADB Commit

When you have completed setting the attributes immediately call TADB Commit to update the value in TADB Database.


TADB Initilize

TADB Set Attribute  //For attribute 1 Set Item ID.

TADB Set Attribute  //For attribute 2

TADB Set Attribute  //For attribute 3

TADB Set Attribute  //For attribute 4

TADB Commit         //this will save all the attribute value in database.

  1. If you are setting attributes in the TADB Database where:

Tables have a relationship with Items and

The Item ID is the foreign key in the respective record that is set

Then you need to set the:

Attribute ID as id. and

Attribute value as Item ID.

More information

TADB function block list.