3. Decisions: Defined

A decision is made at a control site in the factory based on current production conditions. RCO uses decision-based logic to execute production routing. This means that unlike traditional software where the outcome is determined after conditions have been evaluated decisions are determined in advance. Therefore, all possible outcomes are known in advance and eliminated based on the configured routing logic for the current production conditions.


After the Logic Module ends, RCO determines which decision to execute as follows.

Number of
Possible Remaining Decisions


RCO Executes


The remaining decision


No decision


Multiple decisions

The control cycle is ended when RCO detects that the decision is either successfully or unsuccessfully completed.


All possible decisions are known in advance.


Decision 1

Car = Blue; Send to Region 1


Decision 2

Car = Green; Hold


Decision 3

Car = Red; Send to Mach1 region.


Function blocks contain decisions.


Configured function blocks eliminate decisions based on current production conditions


The red car is sent down the line to the next region.

More information

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