Option 5.1. Add and Delete Sites in a Profile

Add sites to a Profile

  1. Click Add to display the Add Sites to profile dialog box.

  2. Select a Project from the drop-down list. Note that in order to access the project, it must be broadcast over the network, and you may be required to have a user name and password.

  3. Select the site to be added to the profile. Use the Ctrl key to select multiple sites.

  4. Click Add Selected to move the selected sites into the Profile file box.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 to add sites from other projects.

  6. Click Done when you are through adding sites to the profile.

Delete Sites from a Profile

  1. Select the site to be deleted from the list. Use the Ctrl key to select multiple sites.

  2. Click Delete to display a message box.

  3. Click Yes to delete the sites from the profile, or click No to cancel the operation.

More information

Step 5. Configure an RCO profile.