Option 7.2. Review Trigger Details

The Control Site Trigger Display dialog box provides you with information about the Triggers configured for a control site. The Triggers are listed in the top group of the dialog box in numeric sequence. When a Trigger is selected, its associated points are displayed in the Trigger Points group.

You can view the following details about Triggers in the top group of the dialog box:




Order of the Triggers in numeric sequence

Trigger Sequence

Trigger ID


Current status of the trigger. Ratio determines the number of points triggered as compared to the number of points configured for the trigger.


There are 3 configured points – 0/3.

Two points have triggered 2/3.

Ratio = two of three points have triggered with one point remaining.



Status Codes



Trigger values match the trigger sequence so far. Control site will potentially trigger. Additional data values are needed to determine if the site will trigger.



Trigger values do not match the trigger sequence and therefore the site will not trigger.



Trigger values match the trigger sequence and the site is triggered.

More information

Step 7. Manage triggers.