ITrkHolds.Item (read-only property)

property Item
Syntax: VARIANT*pVal = object.Item ( Index )
Index As VARIANT -

Index within the collection to view. Index starts at 1.
The Item property will return the given item in the collection.


Dim oTrkItemAgent As Object
Dim oTrkItems As Object
Dim oTrkHold As Object
Dim oTrkHolds As Object

Set oTrkItemAgent = CreateObject("Tracker.TrkItemAgent")
oTrkItemAgent.Execute oTrkItems
Set oTrkItem = oTrkItems.Item(1)
Set oTrkHolds = oTrkItem.Holds
For j = 1 To oTrkHolds.Count
Set oTrkHold = oTrkHolds.Item(j)
msgbox oTrkHold.Name
Next j