ITrkItem.Attribute (property)

property Attribute
Syntax: VARIANT*pVal = object.Attribute ( index )
object.Attribute ( index ) = VARIANT*pVal
index As VARIANT -

Index within the collection.
1 based Index within the collection or the attribute name
or use one of the following strings for a system attribute:
ItemID - Item ID.
ItemType - The Item Type.
Region - The region where the item is located.
Location - The location of the item in the region.
Status - Status word of the item.
ItemClass - The item class.
ExternalHold - 1 if the item is on External hold.
GroupID - Group id if the item is on external hold.
Project - Project id where the item is currently located.
Service - Service id where the item is currently located.
ReferenceID - Reference id.
EntryTime - Entry time of the item in the current region.
Associate - Associated item's ID.
ModTime - Time when item was last modified.
CreateTime - Time when the item was created.
InternalHold - 1 if the item is on internal hold.
IntHoldReason - Reason for the item to be on internal hold.
The Attribute property allows the user to get specific attributes of the current item.


Dim oTrkItemAgent As Object
Dim oTrkItems As Object
Dim oTrkItem As Object
Set oTrkItemAgent = CreateObject("Tracker.TrkItemAgent")
oTrkItemAgent.Execute oTrkItems
Set oTrkItem = oTrkItems.Item(1)
CurOrder$ = oTrkItem.Attribute("ASSOCIATE").Value