ITrkItem.Attributes (method)

method Attributes
Syntax: object.Attributes out
out As ITrkAttributes* * -
The Attributes method will return the attributes for the given item.


Dim oTrkItemAgent As Object
Dim oTrkItems As Object
Dim oTrkItem As Object
Dim oTrkAttributes As Object
Dim oTrkAttribute As Object
Set oTrkItemAgent = CreateObject("Tracker.TrkItemAgent")
oTrkItemAgent.Execute oTrkItems
Set oTrkItem = oTrkItems.Item(1)
oTrkItem.Attributes oTrkAttributes
For j = 1 To oTrkAttributes.Count
Set oTrkAttribute = oTrkAttributes.Item(j)
msgbox oTrkAttribute.ItemId & " Name=" & oTrkAttribute.Name & " Value=" & oTrkAttribute.Value
Next j