ITrkItemAgent.Location (property)

property Location
Syntax: Long = object.Location
object.Location = Long
The Location property specifies which location in a region to search for an item. This property can be set/get as the following example shows.
Location: PRT_FIRST = Location 1, PRT_LAST = Location n. Also any integer location value can be used.
The location used will be used for all regions within the region list.
Dim oTrkItemAgent As Object
Dim oTrkItems As Object
Dim oTrkItem As Object

Set oTrkItemAgent = CreateObject("Tracker.TrkItemAgent")
oTrkItemAgent.Region = "A_TP1"
oTrkItemAgent.Location = PRT_LAST
MsgBox oTrkItemAgent.Location
oTrkItemAgent.Execute oTrkItems