ITrkItems.CreateHold (method)

method CreateHold
Syntax: object.CreateHold bName, bRegion, bDesc, vExpiration
bName As String -

Hold Name
bRegion As String -

Region or Range Name where hold will become active.
bDesc As String -

Description of Named Hold entered.
vExpiration As VARIANT -

Expiration date of named hold.
The CreateHold method will create a named hold on all items within the collection.


Dim oTrkItemAgent As Object
Dim oTrkItems As Object
Set oTrkItemAgent = CreateObject("Tracker.TrkItemAgent")
oTrkItemAgent.Execute oTrkItems
Var1 = cdate(Now + cdbl(100.0/(24.0*60.0))) '100minute
Var2 = cdbl(Var1)
oTrkItems.CreateHold "SCRIPTHOLD1", "A_TP2", "Description1", Var2