ITrkNewItem.InternalHoldReason (property)

property InternalHoldReason
Syntax: String = object.InternalHoldReason
object.InternalHoldReason = String
The InternalHoldReason property specifies why an item is on internal hold. This property must be specified if the hold flag is used.


Dim oTrkItem As Object
Dim vTrkItem As Variant
Set oTrkItem = CreateObject("Tracker.TrkNewItem")
oTrkItem.RefId = "T123"
oTrkItem.RegionID = "A_TP1"
oTrkItem.ItemTypeId = "ITEMTYPE1"
oTrkItem.InternalHold = TRUE
oTrkItem.InternalHoldReason = "Part Shortage"
oTrkItem.RegionLoc = -1
oTrkItem.InsertItem vTrkItem