ITrkRegion.SetStatusBit (method)

method SetStatusBit
Syntax: object.SetStatusBit nBit, bClear, sComment, sUserID
nBit As Integer -

Region Status Bit to change (0 - 31)
bClear As BOOL -

Set to TRUE if clearing the bit or FALSE if setting the bit
sComment As String -

Comment to add which will be logged
sUserID As String -

User ID with permission to set the status bit.
The SetStatusBit method will set/clear the status bit in the current region. The status bit
must be configured for the project for the bit to be set.


Dim oRegionAgent As Object
Set oRegionAgent = CreateObject("Tracker.TrkRegionAgent")
Dim oRegions As Object
Dim oRegion As Object
oRegionAgent.ProjectID = "PA1"
Set oRegions = oRegionAgent.Execute
Set oRegion = oRegions.Item(1)
oRegion.SetStatusBit 12, TRUE, "COMMENT", "ADMINISTRATOR"