Process Resynchronization

The use of the cor_dialect_check function provides a convenient means for the user application to synchronize/resynchronize with the appropriate PRT processes. When an INIT_SEG is received by the application, and invoking the cor_dialect_check function returns the PRT subsystem string, the user has the following options:

If the application is an Interested Process, the prt_api_register_intproc function should be called;

If the application is an API client, the prt_api_init function should be called.

If the application is both Interested Process and API client, both functions should be called.

These routines provide the user with a consistent means for synchronizing with PRT processes when the application program is initializing, and re-synchronizing with PRT processes after they have been stopped and restarted.

In order to use the cor_dialect_check function, the cor_dialect.h header file must be included in your source code file. You must manage your primary port, and call cor_dialect_check with the buffer returned from the ipc_read on the primary port. The application must also include %BSM_ROOT%\api\lib\corutil.lib in the link command file. The calling sequence is as follows:


void cor_dialect_check ( input_buffer, port_index, result_str )

IPCDG *input_buffer;

int   port_index;

char  result_str[COR_DIALECT_RETURN_STRING+1];

Data Structures








Buffer returned from ipc_read on primary port


Output port index




Returned identifying string. See cor_dialect.h for valid strings returned.

Return Value


More information

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