PrtRegion.Reorder (Method)


PrtRegion.Reorder reorderArray [, comment$ [, userId$]]


Reorders the locations within a tracking region. This has the effect of moving all the items at each location in the region to another (possibly the same) location in the region.




Array, integer. An integer array consisting of region locations.

These location numbers (1 to num_locations), specify the new region location for items residing in their current location, that is the locations the items are to be moved to. The reorderArray array index implicitly define the current location number,

For example, the first element in the array (reorderArray[0]) refers to the items that currently reside in region location 1. The value of reorderArray[0] specifies the region location where the items currently in region location 1 are to be moved to.

This array must include elements for each location currently occupied in the region.


String. (Optional) A comment to be recorded into the PRT history log file.


String. (Optional) This is used for logging purposes and is optional. If not supplied the host process name is used.


Dim Region as new PrtRegion = "OUTPUT"

'Invert the items in a region from first to last

Dim Array(99) as integer

For x% = 0 to 99

       Array(x%) = 100 - x%

Next x%

Region.Reorder Array

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