Data Management Functions

The Data Management function process is:

  1. int DecEml_init_data (COR_STATUS*)
    Reads the decision and its control location information from Dec_Sim.Rco file, and stores it in the data structure (decision table).

Note: The Dec_Sim.Rco file has a .cfg file format, and all file operations are performed using the IDTPOP utility. A sample format is provided in ExtDec_SimData.cpp file.

  1. int DecEml_get_next_decision (PDC_DEC_REQUEST*, PDC_CTRL_DECISIONS*)

Retrieves the number of decisions from the decision table based on request information, and provides them in PDC_CTRL_DECISIONS structure.

  1. int DecEml_handle_info_msg (PDC_CTRL_LOC*)
    Retrieves the controller information from internal structures.

  1. void DecEml_cleanup ( )

Removes decision table and other structures from memory.

  1. void DecEml_reset_ctrl_dec ( )

Resets the current pointer in the decision table, which renders it the first decision to be provided.

More information

Set 2. Data Management and Event Handler functions (ExtDec_SimData.cpp).