Create an XML Translation File

This section describes the creation of the XML translation file. This file defines a data transduction between the text-based input files created by an external order scheduling system and the XML-based output files XMLT generates.

XMLT Element Types are a set of custom tag elements defined in the XML schema definition file, XMLT.xsd.

You use these custom elements to construct an XML translation file in your text editor.

The translation file tells the XMLT translation utility how to parse data from a text-based input file in order to create the translated XML output file.

A different schema file, POMS.xsd, defines the structure of XML output files. This schema file is also used for validating output files before accepting them  for processing by POMS.

The XML translation file as a set of instructions that tell XMLT where to find the data it needs. You should be thoroughly familiar with:

The structure and semantics of your input files before starting.

XSD schemas, terminology and use.

It is suggested that the Order items and associated TADB Groups and attributes be defined in PRT before creating XML translation files. This guide is intended provide you with the necessary information about how XMLT structures your data to create output files acceptable to POMS.

Note: You may need to create one or more translation files depending on the data you want to bring into POMS. By default, POMS accepts:

Orders (Items with attribute groups)

Parts lists (attribute groups only).

XML Translation File Structure

The structure of the translation file is specified by the schema definition file XMLT.xsd , located in the ...\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\POMS\XMLT directory.

The translation file consists of required and optional elements.  A typical outline of the basic structure of a translation file for translating orders is shown below. There are many variations of this structure, see the XML files provided in located in ...\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\POMS\XMLTTranslationFiles directory for examples.

Note: The attributes of these elements have been omitted for clarity. In some cases only one element, or related set of elements,  is shown where several may appear in practice.


XML Translation Element


<?xml version="1.0" ?>

Output file creation options.


(Optional) Output file header.







            <Chunk />





A new record (Item, Group Only, or Item and Group data)


(Optional) Where the record starts.





            <Chunk />



(Optional) Where the record ends.



            <Chunk />



(Optional) Item, e.g. order, information.





            <Chunk />



(Optional) Group information.






(Required if GroupName appears) Group attributes.


TADB group attribute





                <Chunk />







(Optional) Line count validation





            <Chunk />        



More information

XMLT translation utility.