Step 6. Create a SEQATTRIB Query Expression

Important: A SEQATTRIB query expression is required for the output logic script to schedule order items for production.

Creating this expression requires:

Knowledge of how to create a basic expression in the Tracker Query Engine.

An existing TADB attribute assigned to holding a sequence value.

The attribute may have been defined in any of the following ways.

In the selected meta data file when you created the POMS project.

In an existing database that you selected in the TrackerCfg_UI and merged into the POMS project when you re-opened the TrackerCfg_UI.

In the PRT>Advanced>Item Types section of the TrackerCfg_UI.

  1. Open the TrackerCfg_UI.

  2. Make sure the group and attribute that will be used in the SEQATTRIB query expression are defined.

  1. Open the Tracker Query Expression Browser.

  1. Create a new expression named SEQATTRIB.

Result: This expression will query and display an item's sequence.

Note: A simple sequence query expression is Group.Attribute


  1. A group in a PCOrder Item Type is named Production.

  2. An attribute in the Production group is Sequence. This attribute will hold the sequence value for an item.

  3. The SEQATTRIB query expression is Production.Sequence.

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