Step 2. Create an Order

Note: Order data will almost always be entered through .xml files; it is likely that CimView will never be used to create a new order. However, CimView does offer the capability.

  1. Click Create Order on the Order Management Menu.

The DATA_ENTRY.cim screen opens.

  1. Select options in the following sequence to create the order.







Order Type

Corresponds to the item type in PRT and TADB.




The Order type that you select is placed in the item type category in PRT and TADB.

When you make a select a message will ask you if you are sure.

Click OK to continue.



Order Id

Becomes the Item ID in PRT and the SQL database.




Important: This number must be unique.




Note: The number may also be an attribute of the selected order.



Places the order in the queue for the specified region.




Options are:




Accepted New

New order that can go to production.




Pending New

New order on hold.




Rejected New

New order that will not be produced.




Accepted Update

Order with changes to an existing order that have already been approved for production.




Pending Update

Order with changes to an existing order waiting for approval, rejection or return.




Rejected Update

Update request is rejected.




Master Blend

It is not advisable to create orders for the Master Blend or Plant Blend regions.




Plant Blend





New order that has not been evaluated.





Order with changes to an existing order that have not been evaluated.





If there is more than one POMS project or plant, this queue holds orders that do not belong in the current POMS project and need to be rerouted




Saves the new order in both PRT and the TADB database.




Note: A message asks for confirmation.

Click Ok to save the entries.



Attribute Fields

Attributes that are in Normal groups. All fields that do not allow NULLS must be filled in.




List Group Member buttons

Clicking any Attribute List button opens LIST_EDIT.cim,  the Attribute List screen, on which you can enter list attribute values.




Closes the DATA_ENTRY.cim.  Create order screen. Returns you to the POMS_MAIN.cim.

  1. Click Exit to close the

More information

About POMS CimView order entry.