Step 5. View TADB Revisions (Updates)

When a database administrator revises the TADB database, the fact of the revision can be recorded by setting it. As a result, at any time, you can review a list of the TADB revisions and revert to a previous version.

View TADB Revisions

  1. Click Tools on the TrackerCfg_UI menu bar.

  2. Select View TADB Revisions.

A Revisions browser opens.




Sequence in which revision was made; 1 is the oldest.


Date of the revision


User identification


Comment entered by the user when the revision was made.

  1. Click Details to display more details about a selected revision.

  2. Click Rollback to open the selected revision of the TADB database.

More information

3.1. Configure the TADB meta-data through the TrackerCfg_UI.