About the CIMPLICITY Tracker Tutorial

This tutorial provides you with a snapshot of the options and procedures available for tracking a production process.

The tutorial takes you through configuration and usage of a sample process.

It will be most beneficial if you are acquainted with several of the CIMPLICITY features including point configuration, CimEdit configuration, Basic Control Engine scripting and alarming.

There will be links throughout this tutorial to more detailed documentation (that is not in the tutorial) about the topic you are reviewing or working on.

You will find that some pages in the tutorial provide you with detailed configuration descriptions, particularly when you might be unfamiliar with the configuration. Other pages suggest that you do the configuration yourself. (You can consult the next page or the appendix if you get stuck.)

Each exercise builds on what you learned in previous exercises. Therefore, it is important that you follow them in order.

Click section numbers to go to the listed topic.

Note: 1.1 is an example of a section number.

 When you display pages with section numbers, see if you can complete the procedure before you go to it in the tutorial. Some will be easy; for others, you will need to follow the tutorial description.

Use the arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate through topics:

Takes you to the page before the active page.

Takes you to the page after the active page.

Takes you to contents page of the current exercise.

On the contents page, takes you to the list of exercises.

Takes you to the contents page of the next exercise.

Caution: Each section in this tutorial builds on previous exercises. So, it is strongly recommended that you only use this arrow in exercises that you have completed and understand.

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