Open the data_field.idt

In order to log specific data information, you have to edit a configuration file.

  1. Open a Command Prompt window in the TRK61 Workbench.

  2. Switch to the TRK61 project's Master directory.

cd master

  1. Type the following at the Master directory command prompt.

idtpop data_field

Note: The datafield.dat file contains the fields the you want to log to each table.

For each of your tables you are going to log various information concerning your groups, regions and items.

This information is logged based on the configuration of your regions.

  1. Press Enter.

  2. Open data.field.idt in a text editor.

Notepad data_field.idt

The data_field.idt file opens in the text editor.

  1. Edit the data_field.idt file and add the fields on the next page.

  2. Type the following at the Command prompt when you have finished editing the file and closed the text editor.

scpop datafield

You are now ready to log Tracker data.

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