8.4.1. Add One More Function Block to ROBOT_CONV

  1. Display the decision that completes ROBOT_CONV.

  2. Click to the right of the Output Logic Module field.

  3. Select Edit... from the popup menu.

The Output Logic Wizard for the AddParts logic module opens.

  1. Click on the Output Function blocks toolbar.

  2. Expand the PRT folder.

  3. Double-click Move Item.

The Move Item dialog box opens.

  1. Configure the item as follows.

Source Region Id


Source Region Location

First Region Location

Destination Region Id


Destination Region Location

Last Region Location

Item Type


Item Class




  1. Click OK.

The LOADtoROBOTCONV item displays at the end of the Function Blocks list.

  1. Close the Output Logic Wizard.

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