Step 9.4. Create a Routing Logic Module

Create a routing logic module called Next_Highest_Order.

  1. Right-click Routing_Logic.

  2. Select New Logic Module from the popup menu.

  3. Name the new module Next_Highest_Order.

  4. Type Chooses the next decision not chosen in the Description field.

  5. Click on Routing Logic Box toolbar.

The Select a Function Block browser opens.

  1. Expn and the Routing folder.

  2. Double-click Select Next Highest Order Decision.

  3. Enter Select Next Highest Order Decision in the Description field.

  4. Click OK ithe Select Next Highest Order Decision dialog box.

The Tracker window should look like this.

  1. Stop the project.

  2. Do a configuration update.

  3. Restart the project.

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