Option 2.1 Open the Expression Browser through RCO Configuration

  1. Open the Select a Function Block browser through the TrackerCfg_UI RCO configuration modules, output and routing logic.

  2. Open a Select Decision by Solve dialog box as follows.


Expand the Templates folder.


Expand the Routing folder.


Double-click Select Decision by Solve.

The Select a Decision by Solve dialog box opens.

  1. Double-click Solve expression.

A P1 dialog box opens.

  1. Double-click the Query Engine button.

Result: The Expression Browser opens in basic view.

Note: After you first open the TrackerCfg_UI and select a TADB database make sure you do a configuration update in the Workbench. This will establish the location of the database; the Query Engine will know where to look for query results.

If you do not do a configuration update the Expression Browser will not open.

More information

Step 2. Open the Expression Browser.