About Trends

CIMPLICITY provides you with extensive capabilities to trend data that is in several different formats.

You can trend:

Runtime values

Data from a CIMPLICITY Database Logger

Data from a .csv file

Data from a reference file that was created during runtime and can be recalled and displayed. This reference trend can be displayed and compared with other comparable data.


Historian Lines

CIMPLICITY provides even more capability by letting you display a combination of runtime values and logged data in the same trend chart.

You, or a user, can:

Display trends with:

Multiple Y-axes so a user can display different parameter types in the same chart

Data from different time periods so a user can compare different production periods in the same chart.

Different time duration so that a user can compare production periods of differing length in the same chart.

Auto update enabled so that the most recently logged data is automatically retrieved from disk while the trend is displayed.

Zoom and pan through logged data to locate data of particular interest.

Compare relative values with a slider that updates a legend with actual values.

Display long time periods in compressed format where the plotted data is the average, minimum, maximum, first, or last element from a sample.

More information

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Trend configuration.

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