Analyze Data at a Selected Point in Time

A slider is a vertical line that extends over the chart area. Every trend control chart has one. If the chart legend displays the Y values, dates, and times, they will be updated as the slider moves across the chart.

Do one of the following.

Method 1. Move the slider

Point to the slider (the cursor changes to when you are in position) and drag the slider to location you want.

Method 2. Attach the chart slider to the most recent update data:

Drag the slider off the right edge of the chart.

The slider will then attach to the most recently plotted data and move as new values are plotted.

Method 3. Turn off the most recent update mode

Do one of the following:

Drag the slider to a new position.

Zoom into an area.

Display the CIMPLICITY Trend Control dialog box.

More information

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